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If you’re currently seeking out an agency to help with computer liquidation services, we can assist with absolutely free e-waste recycling and asset liquidation services that can free up space in your facility and may even help you recover a portion of your initial investment. You might have been led to believe recycling was too time consuming or costly to be worth your while, but the truth is, at Excess Logic, we offer this service for free to local business owners. Just call us at 650-307-7553 and we’ll put you on our pick-up schedule.

When you call our team, we’ll make sure your computer liquidation is a hassle-free process so that your employees won’t have to go out of their way to ready your equipment for pick-up. We’ll even assess your assets to determine whether you have profitable resources or surplus that can be exchanged, and assuming this is the case, we’ll store them for you at our warehouse. Your surplus equipment will be secured, advertised and sold- and then we will impart the benefits to your organization so you can reinvest the income.

If you’re interested in signing up for absolutely free computer liquidation with our agency, call us at 650-307-7553 today. If you call early in the day, we are often able to accommodate same day pick-up for businesses. You’ll find there are numerous benefits in doing business with our team.

You’ll be doing much more than simply freeing up usable space in your facility when you call us for e-waste recycling- you’ll also be doing your part to keep your electronics out of the local landfill. As of now, the US is only recycling about 13% of all e-waste. We want to see those numbers significantly increase over the coming years, and we’ll do our part to make that happen.


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Computer liquidation doesn’t always mean your e-waste will be recycled at a facility that will tear down your assets and reuse their components. Recycling is also about finding businesses within your community that may be able to use your unwanted assets. Electronics with no resale value can be gifted to businesses that can still use them, while remarkable assets can be sold. At Excess Logic, we can assess your electronics to determine whether they are candidates for remarketing- and if so, we’ll sell them and share the profits with you.

Give us a call at 650-307-7553 to discuss your surplus electronics and let our team come out and take a look at what you have. You have nothing to lose by calling us. If you’re concerned about your company’s sensitive data falling in with the wrong people, you can rest easy. We are certified, authorized, and highly experienced in data destruction. We will ensure your hard drives are completely wiped clean and all company information is sanitized prior to recycling.

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