House Cleaning Services Ogden Utah

House Cleaning Services Ogden Utah

Keeping your home neat and tidy is a big task. There are times when because of demanding job schedules, children’s programs, illness and big life events you just don’t have the time nor the energy. We can get rid of those cobwebs and dust your knickknacks. There is no reason to stress…we have your back.

If you are considering hiring a house cleaning service in Ogden, Utah., think about Elevated Cleaning Services. We do it all, from a general once-over to a recurring schedule.  Elevated will create a personal service plan that will fit your budget, your schedule, and your individual needs.


A general once-over cleaning


If you’ve been laid up for a time, or work has been busier than usual, then we can help with getting things back the way they belong. We can also whip your house into shape for that big party you’ve been planning.  In any event, we’re the go-to crew and strive to leave you happy and your house clean.


We’ll do everything you need, including windows, floors, walls, and ceilings.  We’ll scrub the bathroom until it sparkles and will make your kitchen and dining areas look fantastic, including the oven and refrigerator interiors.  Bedrooms are a breeze with us, and we’ll corner and tuck your sheets so tight that you can bounce a quarter on them. 


Recurring, scheduled cleanings


We also offer regular house cleaning services in Ogden, Utah, on a schedule.  Your schedule.  Regular cleanings are more of a maintenance cleaning, and as such, several things will become apparent:

  • Your home will remain cleaner
  • Each cleaning will be less expensive
  • You’ll have more free time
  • You’ll have one less major headache in your life


We will sit down with you to discuss your needs and together we’ll develop a personal plan that you’ll be happy with. 


Our Company


We’ve been in the cleaning business since 2010 and are easily researched on both “Facebook” and “Home Advisor”.   We have great reviews on both sites, and we invite you to check us out and look us over.  Then give us a call.  We will answer all of your questions and stand ready to help with your house cleaning needs in the Ogden, Utah area.  We also have references available if you’d like a more personal recommendation from our previous or current clients.


All of our team members are vetted and bonded, having had thorough background checks performed.  Our business is both licensed and insured to give you a peace of mind when we enter your home.  We take our business and our responsibilities seriously and want you to feel at ease with us.   Our cleaning chemicals are safe and environmentally friendly, and we appreciate that many households have pets and small children about. 



At Elevated Cleaning Services in Ogden Utah we have the experience to make your home our priority, and you can trust us with your home. Whether it is for a special event or helping you have more free time, we know we can help.




House Cleaning Services Ogden Utah

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House Cleaning Services Ogden Utah

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