The Company has overgrown its premises and needs more space to grow.

If for the past 18 months, a company has been utilising an office space that is much smaller than its current needs. Say the Company is planning to move into a building with an extra 20000 square feet of office space that will be completed in 2022. The new office will have an additional 3 conference rooms, 5 break rooms, and 7 new offices.

The new office will provide flexibility for growth as well as allow the company to offer more employee perks such as free lunch deliveries, on-site fitness facilities, and tuition reimbursement for accredited courses.

Employees have left the company

The article discusses how the employees are not happy with the company. They found that they were being mistreated and they eventually left. The employees claim that the company is no longer a place where people want to work.

Employees have recently been leaving the company, citing that they are not treated well by their bosses or upper management. Employees say that no one has contacted them and there has been a lack of communication from the higher-ups with regards to these ongoing issues.

Recent departures have had an effect on morale at the company, which in turn makes it difficult for other employees to stay on board.

The company is undergoing restructuring or merger with another company and needs to consolidate operations

The company is undergoing restructuring or merger with another company and needs to consolidate operations. As a result, the company has decided to reassign some jobs or remove some positions.

This decision will have an impact on the employees. The employees are being informed of their new positions and their salary adjustments as well as how this change will affect them. Employees can choose to accept the changes or resign from their position at the company.

The company is changing the use of premises for another business activity or needs to refurbish the premises for new use

The company should consider the following:

The company should assess what the potential of the premises could be in different sectors, and how this would affect the current market. It is important to know what kind of business is going to be done there in order to make sure that they will not conflict with other companies.

The company can also use an appraisal firm to assess a property’s worth. This will help them know if they are getting a good deal or not.

The company has leased out part of its premises and will vacate the rest later on

Even though the company will vacate the premises in a few years, there is no harm in leasing it out. The company can have a continuous source of income while they vacate.

The company has leased out the premises to an outside agency who will use it for a few years. They will clear off later and vacate the rest of it which would be leased out again to another agency or company.

Corporate clients have moved out, causing an oversupply in a particular type of office space, which may lead to rentals being lowered

The decrease in the corporate business model has led to a surplus of office space. This has caused the emergence of a new rental market.

A significant number of buildings, which were built during the 1980s and 1990s, are now being occupied by retail spaces. The rise in retail property rates is also one of the reasons for this change of use.

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