We collect,  securely wipe data and safely recycle your old IT equipment.

Jettison Express is a major Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) disposal service provider in Glasgow, taking great satisfaction in ensuring that all IT equipment is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner around the city. Simply submit an inquiry, and a member of our staff will contact you to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best way to dispose of your IT waste.

Jettison Express has a Scottish Environment Agency licence, are SafeContractor approved, and ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. To get a price for your computer and IT disposal needs, simply phone us or fill out our contact form.

When we get IT and computing equipment that is still functional to some extent, we are able to not only recycle them but also ‘upscale’ them. By upscaling, we mean bringing computers and IT back to life by repairing and reactivating them. Our method for upscaling includes securely erasing any data, fixing & recycling. This has numerous environmental benefits and is something we attempt to do as often as feasible.

About WEEE for Glasgow Businesses

Businesses discard millions of pieces of IT equipment each year, much of which is reusable. At the same time, low-income households cannot afford the computers required to participate fully in society.

Children are falling behind in school as education becomes more IT-focused, unemployed individuals are unable to obtain the skills and experience required to compete in the job market, and elderly persons are unable to use communication tools such as Skype, which would alleviate their social isolation.

The most frequent method for organisations to manage outdated computers and IT equipment has been to place them in a storage cupboard or room and leave them there until the room is full or has to be emptied. While this may be a reasonable solution to the problem, it creates a significant danger to the firm. Unless the computer – and, more significantly, the data on the computer – can be demonstrated to have been managed in accordance with GDPR requirements regarding security and access, the corporation might face a £500,000 fine.

At Jettison Express Computer Recycling, we bring all old computer and IT equipment back to life again including:-

Desktop Computers

Thin Client PC Terminals

Computer Monitors (tft Monitor or even CRTs)

Laptop and Netbooks

Full Servers

Tablet or similar electrical item

Mobile and Smart Phones

Network Office Telephones



Amplifiers and Speakers

Network Hubs, Switches and Firewalls

Televisions and Display Panels

Cables, chargers and adapters

small electrical items with or without a battery

All computer hard drives are wiped through in a three-stage sanitising technique to ensure that any data is permanently gone before the equipment goes on to it’s next stage in it’s recycling journey,

Our Glasgow Computer Recycling service assists your company or school in meeting its environmental goals by recycling obsolete computer equipment in a safe and environmentally appropriate manner. All computers, printers, monitors, servers, and hard drives are professionally stripped down and refurbished at our Computer Recycling facility in Glasgow, resulting in the most environmentally friendly way of recycling your old computer equipment.

Keep your brand safe (and your security)

Computer recycling, or any sort of IT recycling, is a difficult task. The things are not only potentially hazardous, but they must be handled by a company that is attentive and careful in their work. This is where we can help. Jettison Express offers an ethical and environmentally responsible alternative for computer recycling services in Glasgow, assisting you in lowering your company’s environmental effect.

We recognise that sensitive or confidential information may be stored on your commercial electrical goods such as computers, hard drives, and servers. There’s no need to be concerned with Jettison Express because we guarantee safe collection and destruction to ensure that any equipment containing confidential or sensitive data is entirely destroyed and in accordance with WEEE rules.

There are no minimum requirements for us to come to your home and acquire your electrical products. Simply tell us what you want to recycle, and our helpful crew will arrange for a time to collect it and safely dispose of your electronics in a fast and dependable manner. We at Jettison Express guarantee complete peace of mind and dependable service that will relieve you of this burden at an inexpensive price. Because businesses handle sensitive information, Jettison Express also provides a confidential garbage disposal solution to assist secure your business.

Office Clearance

According to the WEEE directive, you have to use an approved asset disposal company or take the items to a local dump, run by your local authority, which has special areas to leave your redundant IT equipment or small electricals and related equipment. These items aren’t allowed in the landfill because of the fire risk and the toxic material that may leak out into the surrounding areas. At Jettison Express we can clear your office of your redundant equipment and tech for safe disposal including our professional data destruction services will make sure your personal data is removed from your hard drive device by an expert before recycling. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensure you receive the highest standard of recycling for your organisation.


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